Star Trek director chosen to helm new Star Wars movie: Reports

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By Ivan Pereira

J.J. Abrams may be the chosen one that brings new life to the force.

The Wrap and Deadline reported Thursday that the “Lost” co-creator is the director for the next “Star Wars” movie, beating out other big name directors like Ben Affleck for the anticipated spot.

Abrams, 46, is no stranger to taking the helm of a blockbuster sci-fi franchise, as his 2009 take on “Star Trek” was a hit. He’s currently finishing postproduction work on its sequel, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” which hits theaters this summer. Abrams’ representatives couldn’t be reached for comment.

In October, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas sold his company to Disney, which will produce a new trilogy of films set after the originals. The first new movie is set to arrive in 2015.

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