Pro-Trump rally held outside NYC’s Trump Tower

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A couple dozen supporters of President Trump hold a rally outside Trump Tower. (Photo by Ivan Pereira)

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By Ivan Pereira

A couple dozen supporters of President Donald Trump rallied outside Trump Tower on Sunday.

The crowd carried homemade signs that pledged their support for the president’s controversial policies, such as the Mexican wall and the immigration ban, and shouted his slogans, such as “America First.”

“We need to have our voices heard,” said Grace Colucci, 58, of Commack. The past two weekends have featured protests against the president’s policies where tens of thousands of demonstrators came out.

A few minutes into the rally, a group of anti-Trump protesters showed up and squared off against the supporters behind some barricades. The two sides proceed to curse and shout at each other about why the other side was wrong.

At one point, the Trump supporters chanted “snowflakes,” and “build the wall,” to which the anti-Trump members shouted “tear it down.”

There were no arrests or summonses issued during the rally, according to the NYPD.

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