NYC celebrates Spider-Man’s return to the movies

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By Ivan Pereira

New York shows some love for its hometown superhero this week with events in all five boroughs, scheduled by Sony Pictures in anticipation of the July 3 premiere of “The Amazing Spider-Man.” Find a full list of events at

MONDAY: The Empire State Building will be lit red and blue in honor of the webslinger.

TUESDAY: All the city Wildlife Conservation Society zoos (Central Park, Prospect Park, Bronx and Queens) will have special Spider-Man-themed scavenger hunts.

WEDNESDAY: The Museum of the Moving Image will be screening the ’60s “Spider-Man” animated series.

THURSDAY: The Staten Island Children’s Museum will have an exhibit on tarantulas that teaches kids that the crawlers aren’t that creepy. A similar event will take place at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on Friday.

SATURDAY: Future comic book artists can draw their own Spider-Man cartoon at Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Reservations can be made at 212-833-8100.

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