Michael Bloomberg vetoes cop oversight bills

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By Ivan Pereira

Mayor Michael Bloom-berg made good on his word Tuesday to veto a pair of bills that would increase police scrutiny.

The mayor said he rejected the bills, which would create an NYPD inspector general and increase the ability of civilians to sue the police for racial profiling, because they would undermine city safety.

The NYPD “is also subject to more internal and external oversight than any other police department in the United States,” he wrote in his veto letter.

The City Council is expected to have the support for an override of the veto, a council spokesperson said.

Both pieces of legislation were created in response to growing criticism of several NYPD tactics, including “stop and frisk.”

A proposed inspector general would oversee police policies, have a term independent of the mayor and make recommendations to improve efficiency and relations between the police and public.

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