Mets stadium worker admits to $2M theft: DA

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By Ivan Pereira

One of the Mets’s longest working crew members will never set foot on the team’s grounds for the rest of his life after he admitted stealing the their equipment, the Queens DA said.

Charles Samuels, 55, of Arverne, pleaded guilty today to criminal possession of stolen property and tax fraud charges.

Samuels, who started working for the team in 1976 and was promoted to equipment manager seven years later before he was fired in 2010, is banned from all Mets facilities and faces five years probation during his sentencing on April 16, Queens DA Richard Brown said.

“In sum, the defendant had a dream job that any Mets fan would die for – and he blew it. He allowed his greed to get the better of him,” he said in a statement.

The disgraced crew member admitted to having $2,282,265 worth of autographed Mets memorabilia and equipment that was stolen between Sept. 1, 2007 and Nov. 17 2007, Brow said.  The loot was discovered in a Connecticut home that belonged to a friend of Samuels, according to the DA.

Samuels also admitted to under reporting his 2009 income on his taxes. He specifically under reported the true amount of the dues and gratuities that he had received from ball players and others,  Brown said.

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