Fans mixed on A-Rod letter, but expert says it is a good start

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After years of denials about his banned substance use, Alex Rodriguez’s handwritten apology got a largely cynical reaction from fans on Twitter yesterday.

Social media sites were buzzing after Major League Baseball posted the 39-year-old’s two-page letter and many fans weren’t pleased with his mea culpa.

“As a #Yankees fan, I believe nothing that A-Rod has said or will say in the future. His handwritten ‘apology’ means absolutely nothing,” Twitter user Christopher Materia (aka wrfd28) posted Tuesday.

Rodriguez had a similar apology during a news conference in March 2009, where he famously broke down in front of reporters. Some baseball followers said they didn’t want to be fooled twice.

“Saw twitter headline on A-Rod’s apology. Couldn’t even be bothered to read the article. Tired old story of cheaters and liars,” tweeted Del Litke (aka cdlitke).

In fact, some fans felt the handwritten note was more of a publicity stunt than a request for penance.

“‘I served the longest suspension in the history of the league for PED use’ Even in an apology, A-Rod has to brag about something,” Twitter user Brianbuck13 posted.

“Steiner Sports already has the pen A-Rod used to write apology letter up for sale,” @DerekPrimont tweeted.

Joe Pawlikowski, the managing editor of the Yankees blog River Avenue Blues, said he was surprised that the third baseman rejected the Yankees’ offer to hold another news conference in the Bronx to address the media about his return to baseball following a one-year suspension for using banned substances.

However, Pawlikowski noted a signed letter showed a more personal side to the slugger than a flashy TV appearance, not too dissimilar to Derek Jeter’s statement on Facebook announcing his retirement last year.

“He’s trying to say, look what I did is wrong, I want to put it behind me and I want to play baseball,” Pawlikowski said.

He added the ultimate test for fans will be how A-Rod performs on the ballfield this season. A few of his loyal fans said they are ready to move on and see him perform.

“A-Rod owes me no apology. Dude crushed countless home runs throughout my childhood,” Twitter user rb_tweets said.

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