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Video: First day of gay marriages

Christina Santucci captured the joy that couples felt during the first day of legal same sex marriages in Queens.

Huntley associates charged with bilking state funds

State Sen. Huntley’s non-profit and some of her closest confidants are in trouble with the state.

Judge recommends Bell cop be terminated

An NYPD judge says Gescard Isnora acted recklessly when he fired at Sean Bell.

Forestdale couple released from jail

The couple that ran off with their 8 kids from a Qns foster home get a small sentence for their crime.

OWS rallies Queens for fight against city

Occupy Wall Street’s impact has come to Queens and protesters want others to join their cause.

Jack the Cat succumbs to injuries

The cat that captivated thousands with his tale of being lost at JFK Airport did not live to make it for his reunion.

Jack the cat moved to Manhattan

Jack the Cat’s saga has taken him to a top facility in Manhattan where vets say they can get him back on his paws.

NYPD trial of Bell cops ends

The fates of two of the men who killed Sean Bell is now in the hands of the police commissioner.

Forest Hills mom’s murder-for-hire conviction upheld

Mazoltuv Borukhova’s attempt to get released from prison was turned down by the courts.

Parents admit taking their 8 children from Forestdale

The Foresdale 8 parents pleaded guilty to their crimes and avoided serious jail time.

Jack the Cat found safe and sound at JFK

The missing JFK Airport cat was found safe and sound and will be greeted with a surprise when he joins his owner in California.

100 charged in massive identity theft bust

New York investigators have taken down an alleged credit card theft ring that stole millions of dollars and robbed people of their identities.

Suspects in basketball star murder held without bail

The pair accused of gunning down a rising New York City high school hoops player faced the judge for the first time since their capture.

Video: Broad Channel 9/11 Heroes

Three FDNY brothers share their heroic tale on 9/11 in a video produced by Christina Santucci.

Springfield Gdns couple shot dead in home, son wounded

Cops are looking for whoever is responsible for shooting an immigrant couple inside their house and injuring their youngest son.

Update: Mayor orders evacuation of Rockaways

Hurricane Irene’s intensity has prompted the city to shut down subways and order the first ever evacuation of parts of the city.

Update: Cuomo declares state of emergency in wake of Irene

The governor is preparing New York for the worst as a major hurricane works its way north.

Mayor presses Queens to gear up for Irene

As a powerful hurricane makes its way to New York City, Michael Bloomberg is urging residents to be vigilant.

Video: Richmond Hill Fire

TimesLedger photographer Christina Santucci was able record video of a massive fire that gutted a block of businesses in Richmond Hill.

Firefighters have close call fighting major blaze

A four-alarm fire destroyed a whole block of businesses in Richmond Hill but no one was seriously hurt during the long battle to put out the flames.