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DNAinfo, Gothamist reporters rally against Ricketts’ closure of news sites

The staff members of the defunct news sites shamed their owner for refusing to cooperate with their newly formed union.

NYC outlines plan to fight opioid crisis

The city wants anti OD meds in the hands of civilians as the number of opioid related deaths climb.

March for a Free Press outside NY Times building

Over 200 New Yorkers showed their solidarity to the free press at the headquarters of the Times, Fox News and NBC.

Statue of Liberty turns 130: A look back at Lady Liberty’s history

New York’s most iconic symbol just turned 130 and she hasn’t lost her luster.

Nintendo Switch, hybrid game console, revealed

The Japanese games giant is looking to switch things up for a new generation.

New York State Pavilion redesign contest winners revealed

The people have spoken and given their pics for the possible design of the Flushing Meadows structure.

FDNY gets new high-tech gear for paramedics, firefighters

The FDNY upgraded its arsenal to take on more calls.

Ivan Pereira’s appearance on MetroFocus

Ivan Pereira appeared on WNET’s MetroFocus to discuss a new report that showed spikes in home sales in Staten Island and the Bronx.  Tweet This Post

amNY reporter learns the ways of the Force

Ivan Pereira takes his first steps into a larger world in anticipation for the new Star Wars movie.

City home to more than 7,000 sidewalk sheds

The looming sidewalk sheds cover several blocks in the city, tarnishing the city’s look.

Brooklyn leads city boom of new affordable housing units

The city’s new affordable housing stock is the highest in city history, and Brooklyn gets the lion share.

Ivan Pereira’s appearance on Huffington Post Live

Ivan Pereira appeared as a guest on Huffington Post Live to discuss Jon Stewart’s final show.

Amy Schumer pushes for tougher gun laws following shooting

The comedian joined her relative U.S. Sen Charles Schumer in an emotional news conference to push for more gun control in the wake of a shooting that took place during a showing of her movie.

Open fire hydrant complaints on the rise in NYC

The number of open fire hydrants in the Big Apple is on the rise, but the city is working hard to educate the youth about its costly dangers.

Video: Gov. Cuomo conducts same sex wedding at Stonewall Inn

The governor conducted his first same sex wedding on the anniversary of the protest outside the iconic Greenwich Village bar.

Council unveils plans to increase digital engagement

The city will be taking more steps to increase its digital transparency.

NYC public schools will now be closed for two Muslim holidays

New York public schools will now recognize Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Ivan Pereira on “The Ride Home with Pat Kiernan and Rita Cosby”

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City’s restaurants see an increase in A grades

The city’s restaurant grading system saw a big success last year and experts say it’s due to an increase in transparency and education between the health department and the public.

Dr. Craig Spencer released from Bellevue after Ebola recovery

The New York doctor diagnosed with ebola has a clean bill of health.