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Fallen principal still watches over IS 238

Assistant Principal Mitchell Wiener may not be telling jokes over the PA system at I.S. 238, but his years of dedication and care for students and staff still pushes people forward.

Flu tested hospitals’ mettle

Queens’s hospital administrators look back at how they handled the borough’s swine flu outbreak of 2009.

St. Francis Prep takes stock one year later

In a year since St. Francis Prep experienced its swine flu epidemic, the first reported case in the U.S., the school has seen little changes. However, administrators, students and teachers say the experience made them all stronger.

Pride, support proved best Rx for afflicted student

One of the swine flu victims from St. Francis Prep High school shares her memories of being diagnosed, suffering and ultimately recovering from the disease.

NYHQ spells out swine flu prevention

Queens’s top physicians give their tips on how to beat the swine flu.

Widower set to sue city over swine flu death

The wife of Mitchell Wiener, who was the first New York City resident to die of the H1N1 virus, shocked the city when she filed a notice against it for her husband’s death.