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Sister wants justice to heal

After more than a year of looking for answers, the family of a slain Queens Village father tries to come together and honor his life by keeping his son’s spirits high.

Gangs change street culture

The prevalence of gangs and illegal weapons has damaged the sense of safety in southeast Queens over the last couple of years. Although it has driven many to fear for their lives, it has also prompted some groups to take action and curb the violence.

Family remembers last words of Tone Macc

The family of a slain St. Albans man said their faith has got them through their tragedy but they are working with the community and other victim’s relatives to help with the healing process.

Changing the culture of violence

In the second part of this series, the TimesLedger team looked at how SE Queens is fighting to curb the violent mentality that has led to a surge in murders in the neighborhood.

Mysterious death leaves child motherless

For the family of Demika Moore, her death in July culminated a long string of events that started from a tragic accident. Now they are pleading for anyone to help them find the killer responsible so they can fill the void in their hearts.

Murder cases take heavy toll

More than 40 people lost their lives to violence in southeast Queens in 2010. The authorities and the victims’ families are now trying to make sense of the senseless killings and stop the problem from getting worse.

Shots in the Dark: Intro

The TimesLedger Newspapers has conducted an in-depth reporting series that looks back at the 2010 murders in southeast Queens. An interactive website has been created to complement the coverage found in the paper.