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Fiancée waiting after judge calls for detective’s badge

Sean Bell’s high school sweetheart wants the city’s top cop to act on the recommendation of an NYPD judge and terminate the man who started the 50-shot barrage that rocked southeast Queens.

Judge recommends Bell cop be terminated

An NYPD judge says Gescard Isnora acted recklessly when he fired at Sean Bell.

NYPD trial of Bell cops ends

The fates of two of the men who killed Sean Bell is now in the hands of the police commissioner.

NYPD opens Bell cops’ trial

The police have begun their internal deliberation that will determine the fate of two officers who shot Sean Bell.

City Comptroller’s office paints Sean Bell Center

The interns at John Liu’s office traded their calculators for a paintbrush to help spruce up an emerging southeast Queens center.

City to pay $7M to victims in Sean Bell shooting

A deal was struck between the friends and family of Sean Bell and the city over the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Rockaway resident’s kin.

Jamaica street named for Sean Bell

Despite a heavy downpour, dozens of Sean Bell’s supporters came out as the city officially re christened the street were he was shot.

CB 12 alters rules on street renamings

The controversy over the Sean Bell street renaming forced the community board that approved it to change its rules. However not everyone was not happy.

Street to be named after Sean Bell

As the city prepares to rename the street where a bridegroom was killed by cops, southeast Queens leaders reflect on their interpretation of the change.

Feds will not charge Bell officers

The legal story of Sean Bell’s death ended its most recent chapter as the nation’s higher courts refused to take the case.

Council OKs street rename for Sean Bell

The city gave approval to rename the street where Sean Bell was gunned down, but that vote did not come easy.

City cmte gives ok for Sean Bell St.

The request made by Sean Bell’s family to rename the street where he was killed passed another hurtle.

Sean Bell-The Day After

New York City’s black community was in shock following the police shooting of Sean Bell, hours before he was set to marry his high school sweetheart. Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally outside the hospital where Bell’s two friends were recuperating following the 50-shot barrage.