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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Schumer fight online ticket bot scams

The Hamilton creator wants to even the playing field for theater goers.

NYC groups head to Cleveland, Philly to give voice at conventions

Some of the city’s most active non-profits will be loud at both conventions to keep the candidates in check.

Lowline, underground park in NYC, gets first OK from the city

The newest park to come to New York cleared its first hurdle.

LIC Pepsi sign becomes official NYC landmark

After years of waiting, western Queens’s most iconic structure is an official landmark.

Water Street plaza changes spur concerns over POPS

A change to the open plazas in Downtown Manhattan is raising concerns over encroaching stores throughout the borough.

NYC stands in solidarity with Orlando shooting victims

Gay and straight alike, the city joined together to show their support for the 49 victims of the Orlando shooting and promote peace.

New York, Paris launch summer culture partnership

The City of Light and the Big Apple are teaming up for a cultural exchange.

Bill de Blasio launches transgender rights advertising campaign

In the wake of rhetoric over transgender rights, the city is reassuring New Yorkers that they safe from any discrimination.

Coach moves into new Hudson Yards headquarters

The West Side’s new development opened its first tower.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital to close, shift to smaller space

Beth Israel becomes the 20th NYC hospital to close in 16 years.

New Federal OT rules could help 110K in NYC: Report

New regulations would be a major boon to low paid New York employees.

F train express service likely to return to Brooklyn, MTA says

Plans to bring back express F service to Brooklyn took another step towards reality.

Williamsburg leads NYC in gentrification, report says

The cost of living is incredibly transforming once havens for working class New Yorkers.

Uber marks 5 years in NYC

The ride sharing app has its fans and critics alike, but most New Yorkers agree that it has a major presence in the city.

Council to vote on perishable bag fee

The controversial bill aimed at reducing waste will go for a full vote.

City’s air quality sees improvments

Green upgrades and new tech solutions have resulted in fresher air for New Yorkers.

NYC job market creates higher risk but higher rewards for Millennials

Millennials face a tough challenge in the city’s job market, but if they gut it out, their rewards are big, according to reports.

NYC recycling: Reuse programs aim to cut down New York waste

There are plenty of ways New Yorkers can reuse their goods and cut down on waste. They just don’t know about it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to become NYC tourism ambassadors

The radical crime fighting brothers will help draw more tourists to the city.

Stringer aims to audit NYC BOE

The city’s comptroller will take a long, hard look at the New York Primary after a series of complaints from voters.