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NYC Marathon goes on amid heavy security

This year’s marathon went off without any hitch and runners and their families say they couldn’t be any more happier.

Bill de Blasio holds commanding lead over rivals

Primary day had its ups and downs for the candidates vying for the mayor’s seat.

Health Department agrees to reduce restaurant fines

Restaurant owners will have some relief when it comes to fines by the city.

Shaaliver Douse, 14, shot, killed by NYPD officers

A tense situation involving an alleged arm teen turned fatal in the Bronx when he and two rookie officers crossed paths.

FDNY welcomes most diverse class of probies

The city’s newest batch of bravest is more diverse than ever.

Anthony Weiner’s popularity plummets in new poll

Anthony Weiner’s support continues to dwindle as he reveals more of his illicit activities,

Anthony Weiner rebuffs calls to resign

Anthony Weiner is losing supporters by the numbers following the Carlos Danger revelation, but he still wants to stay in the race.

George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin verdict sparks protests across NYC

Protesters stayed up till the late hours of the night to show their support for Trayvon Martin.

All aboard Hudson emergency helicopter landing escape injury

A quick thinking pilot and boaters helped to save the lives of a family of four who were sightseeing in Manhattan.

Council passes paid sick leave bill

After four years of negotiations, city leaders passed legislation that help New Yorkers from deciding between their health and job.

Yankees begin to sell Groupon discounts for home games

A slumping season may have forced the Pinstripes to seek new ways to get fans to Yankee Stadium.

Bloomberg not sweet on cupcake shop’s 25-pound treat ‘The Mayor’

The mayor wasn’t at all amused with a new bakery shop’s gift made in his honor.

Six months later, New York still recovering from Sandy’s wrath

They say time heals all wounds, but six months after Hurricane Sandy touched down in the city, thousands of New Yorkers say life is anything but normal.

City Council plans to raise age to buy tobacco to 21

The city is looking to cut down on underage smoking by raising the limit to buy tobacco.

Biden, Bloomberg join Newtown families in call to ban assault rifles

Mayor Bloomberg and Vice President Joe Biden have been very staunch about his stance on guns, and following Congress’s changes to the President’s gun control bill, they are asking the American public to stand up.

Soda ban put on hold as judge rules against Health Department

Just when big soda looked like it was going to go the way of the dodo in the Big Apple, a judge put a stop to the mayor’s controversial plan.

Suspect sought in Williamsburg hit and run

The NYPD has new info on the person who allegedly crashed his car into a cab, killing couple and ultimately their baby.

Clinton’s speech circuit role could net big bucks: Experts

Hilary Clinton will continue to travel the world following her stint as the Secretary of State, but she’ll do so with a huge paycheck, political experts say.

Officials: 85 injured, 2 critically, in NYC ferry crash

Dozens of New Jersey commuters had to be rushed to area hospitals after their ferry crashed into a Wall Street seaport.

Seven workers hurt in LI City crane collapse

A group of construction workers at the Hunters Point development avoided critical injuries during a freak accident.