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Fatal Shooting in Hotel Lobby, Then a Suicide

Police are investigating the gruesome details of a double shooting that left two men dead inside a JFK Airport hotel.

Boy, 12, Killed by Rising Parking Lot Gate in Brooklyn

A boy who never got into any trouble according to his mother lost his life when he and his friends were playing around with a 20 foot garage gate near his home.

Via Video Feed, Families Watch 9/11 Case and Seethe

The Sept. 11th families and first responders had to keep their emotions in check while watching the beginning of the trial for the five suspected terrorists who allegedly plotted the attack.

Officer Stabbed in Brain Exits Hospital to Cheers

The police officer who took a knife to his head and survived headed home just in time to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

At May Day Demonstrations, Traffic Jams and Arrests

Tens of thousands of frustrated New Yorkers took to the streets on May Day to reinvigorate the Occupy Wall Street movement.

At a Bronx Vigil Nearly a Year After a Killing, a Man Is Shot Dead

A Bronx man is gunned down while he was visiting the memorial of a friend who was shot a year ago.

Stabbed in Brain, Officer Escaped ‘Death’s Door’

A cop who took a knife to the head is lucky to be alive according to the doctor who saved his life.

Colleagues Trace the Void Left by a Firefighter

Colleagues, friends and others recall the bravery and humility of a Brooklyn firefighter who gave his all to the job.

Fire Lieutenant Dies Fighting Brooklyn Warehouse Blaze

The mayor and city’s fire commissioner are mourning the loss of a 17-year veteran firefighter who did more than just put out flames.

Blaze Spreads on a Windy Day in the Bronx, Injuring 9 Firefighters

A group of firefighters and 11 families in the Bronx were lucky to escape a major blaze.

Video: Fans react to surprising start

Mets fans chat about their strengthened hope for the new season following a 4-0 start.

Mets Fans Revel, for Now, in an Undefeated Season

A 4-0 start sparked new passion for Amazin fans and they hope the good luck can continue.

Man Who Fired at Officers Is Shot Twice in West Harlem

Cops say they shot at a man who was not only armed but opened fire at them in Harlem.

After Detective’s Firing, Tensions Linger in Bell Case

The Sean Bell story may be coming to an end, but Jamaica residents say it will resonate for generations.

Bar Dispute May Have Led to Fatal Qns Shooting

Cops are searching for suspects who gunned down a well-liked mother of two while she was sitting on her porch.

Death on Escalator M.T.A. Had Once Hoped to Replace

MTA officials are trying to piece together what caused the accidental death of an elderly LIRR rider who was using an escalator to at a Suffolk station.

20 Charged as U.S. Says Heroin Ring Is Broken Up

Federal prosecutors say the face of drug dealing in New York’s suburbs is going through a drastic change.