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City, fed agencies team up to enhance for Jamaica Bay

The city wants to put Jamaica Bay on the map as a new New York hotspot.

Experts weigh in on the future of Jamaica Bay

Scientists from around the country and community members held a special forum to discuss ways to save Jamaica Bay.

City makes Jamaica plant eco-friendly

The Dept. of Environmental Protection aims to raise the roof in order to clean up Jamaica Bay.

Video: Broad Channel 9/11 Heroes

Three FDNY brothers share their heroic tale on 9/11 in a video produced by Christina Santucci.

Broad Channel heroes recount sail to Ground Zero

For three Broad Channel men, nothing, not even Jamaica Bay, could hold back their courage on September 11.

Jamaica Bay grant starts controversy

A grant from Wal-Mart to help Queens’s largest ecosystem is raising concerns not only from the mega store chain’s opponents but also the marshland’s most vocal advocate.

City, state to upgrade four Jamaica Bay plants

The road to cleaning up and restoring Queens’s largest ecosystem now has a clear timetable.

Turtles cause minor shell at JFK

A bale of reptiles from nearby Jamaica Bay not only caused a minor annoyance for planes at the airport, it also served as comedic fodder on the Web.

Make Jamaica Bay discharge-free: City

The Dept. of Environmental Protection is taking another initiative to stop people from polluting Queens’s largest and environmentally sensitive ecosystem.

JFK expansion would hurt bay: Ecowatchers

Environmentalists at Jamaica Bay are fighting a proposal that they say would take away more marshland from the ecosystem.

DEP declogs SE Queens sewers

The city has a new way to treat the constant flooding problems in Springfield Gardens.

Audubon Society, youth to clean up Jam Bay

A bird watcher group has been awarded thousands to help clean up Queens’s largest ecosystem.

City to convert bay algae to biofuel

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection is taking recycling to a whole new level with a sophisticated new system at Jamaica Bay.

DEP hopes oysters clean bay

The city is turning to the tiniest of workers to help save Jamaica Bay’s ecosystem.

DEP to clean up Jamaica Bay odors

The latest effort to help the environmentally sensitive ecosystem at Jamaica Bay will help clean out the stink for near by residents.

Obama cabinet member takes Jamaica Bay tour

The U.S. Secretary of the Interior got a hands on look at Queens’s largest ecosystem.

BioBlitz competitors to examine Jamaica Bay

A competition is going to teach students and interested sciences the ins and outs of Jamaica Bay.

City plants eelgrass to save marshland

The city has come up with an eco friendly way to save the Jamaica Bay saltwater marhses.

City promises to preserve Jamaica Bay

The decaying ecosystem at Jamaica Bay is about to get a helping hand from the city.

Queens houses connected to city sewers

Although the city has helped to bring better drainage to homes near Jamaica Bay, home owners are upset that the construction wrecked their streets.