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City invests to bolster city infrastructure post Sandy

The city may have its hands tied when it comes to rebuilding and fortifying New York for another superstorm, but that’s not stopping officials from making some improvements.

A look back at Superstorm Sandy, one year later

The hurricane may be a year old but its effects are still felt throughout the city.

Halloween Day Parade Kickstarter meets its $50K goal

The city’s ghoul fans saved the village Halloween parade.

Halloween parade Kickstarter still needs cash

The Village Halloween parade still needs cash for it to be a reality.

Village Halloween Parade in jeopardy due to lack of financing

Hurricane Sandy shut down one Halloween parade, and if enough money isn’t raised soon, it might shut down another one.

City summer group connects troubled teens with Sandy recovery jobs

A group of teens who feel through the cracks will have a second chance this summer restoring Sandy devastated areas.

Mayor proposes ‘Seaport City’ to combat flooding

One of the boldest concepts the mayor created in response to Hurricane Sandy involves expanding Manhattan’s footprint.

City touts Coney Island in outer borough tourism campaign

Coney Island’s rebound from the hurricane make it the best spot for tourists this weekend.

City unveils Sandy home recovery assistance program

More aid is on its way for Sandy affected homes.

Statue of Liberty screenings to return to Manhattan

After some back and forth with the city, the National Parks Service announced that security check points for the Statue of Liberty will take place in Battery Park City.

City announces property tax reduction for Sandy-affected owners

Financial aid is on its way to Sandy affected homeowners.

Clinton tried, and failed, to reunite Led Zeppelin for 12-12-12

Not even the 42nd President had the power to bring back one of classic rock’s greatest bands.

Six months later, New York still recovering from Sandy’s wrath

They say time heals all wounds, but six months after Hurricane Sandy touched down in the city, thousands of New Yorkers say life is anything but normal.

The Cyclone opens for the first time since Sandy

Brooklynites lined up for hours to show the world that no superstorm could take down their beloved borough icon.

Superstorm Sandy cost cops $84.8 million in overtime: Kelly

New York’s Finest went beyond the call of duty during the hurricane but it came with a huge price tag.

City bill would ensure safety during Sandy rebuilding

The city made sure that any one who has to storm proof their home in light of the hurricane does so safely.

Mayor pushes small businesses to apply for Sandy relief funds

The mayor wants to make sure businesses still reeling from Sandy get the money to bounce back.

Stringer calls for revamp of city’s animal shelter system

The Manhattan Borough President says too many stray dogs are falling through the cracks.

NYU Langone receives $114 million in aid to recover from Sandy

The downtown hospital that lost power and resources during the hurricane received its first check.

Bloomberg touts new initiatives to safeguard city from future storms

The mayor got a big boost from former Veep Al Gore in his initiatives to make the city greener.