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Open fire hydrant complaints on the rise in NYC

The number of open fire hydrants in the Big Apple is on the rise, but the city is working hard to educate the youth about its costly dangers.

Video: Gov. Cuomo conducts same sex wedding at Stonewall Inn

The governor conducted his first same sex wedding on the anniversary of the protest outside the iconic Greenwich Village bar.

NYC Pride march celebrates S. Court marriage equality ruling

This year’s gay pride parade took on a new meaning following the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriages.

Trash Bar to close, latest Williamsburg favorite to shut its doors

The Williamsburg music scene is fighting to survive rising rents and a lack of good spaces.

High Bridge once again connects Bronx, Washington Heights

The oldest bridge in New York City is reopen for foot and bike traffic.

How NYC is helping train its youngest minds in STEM

The city’s making major efforts to ensure the next generation of New Yorkers are ready for the tech evolution.

WTC observatory gives visitors a new perspective of the Big Apple

The opening of the World Trade Center’s observatory marks a huge turning point for the revitalization of the neighborhood.

Letterman infused New York energy into his comedy

Media experts say David Letterman’s stamp will be on comedy long after he bids adieu this week.

Longtime Letterman fans reflect on show’s personal impact

For longtime, fans of the Late Show, David Letterman was just more than a comedian, he was a force who created a great friendship.

Report finds the most affordable options for college grads in city

Living in New York on a budget isn’t easy, especially for young adults who just earned their college degree.

Ellis Island’s revamped museum offers updated look at immigration experience

Once the site where thousands of immigrants entered New York, Ellis Island is now a place where visitors can learn and appreciate the journey of future Americans.

Fox to unveil Bart Simpson statue in midtown

The woman behind one of the most iconic animated characters gave back to fans.

New York exceeds California in startup funding applications: Report

The city’s tech industry is giving the west coast a run for its money.

Diverse group of NYC judges to be sworn in by mayor

A new set of New York jurors are the most diverse group to take the benches,

Coyotes and other wild animals to become increasing NYC presence: Experts

Animals are slowly taking up more space in the city, but experts say that’s not a bad thing.

Subway series: Mets vs. Yankees fever sweeps NYC

The Mets/Yankees matchup took an interesting turn as both teams head into their series with a new fire.

NYC’s micro apartments push the limits of downsized living

A city plan aims to fight the affordable housing issue with a tiny solution.

Rangers fans place high hopes on team in playoffs

Rangers fans hope the hockey team can go the distance this off season.

Coyote spotted and captured in Chelsea

The city experienced it’s fourth coyote spotting this year.

Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series shines bigger spotlight on NYC

The Big Apple helped to ground the superhero show in a grounded reality.