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amNY reporter learns the ways of the Force

Ivan Pereira takes his first steps into a larger world in anticipation for the new Star Wars movie.

New Yorkers strong with the force

The fever pitch for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hits new heights in the Big Apple.

Brooklynites more generous tippers than Manhattanites: Study

Paying more for a pad rent doesn’t mean one is paying more for a meal in New York City.

New York City diners fight for their futures

The biggest staple in the city’s restaurant scene is facing a troubling future.

De Blasio, Schumer, Meng place bets against Kansas City counterparts

More of the City’s top electeds are putting their faith on the Amazin’s during their World Series matchup.

Fans rally in Queens before World Series

The borough was blue and orange for their big send off for the Amazin’s.

Mets playoff run boosts city’s economy by $46.4M

The Met’s October run is a win for all New Yorkers economically.

Mets fans in shock and awe over team’s World Series milestone

Amazin fans are still reeling from their incredible post season win streak.

New York Comic Con helps spur interest in arts, experts say

The swag and celebrity sightings aren’t the biggest takeaway from Comic Con, according to art experts who say they’ve seen a boost of interest in the field.

New York Comic Con kicks off at the Javits center Thursday

The city’s annual geek fest continues to get bigger and better.

Mets’ fan passion reignites as postseason arrives

The Amazin’s faithful say their years of patience has paid off.

Lucky New Yorkers who won Central Park lottery talk about historic day

For the lucky New Yorkers who were able to snag a ticket for one of the pope’s New York event, the celebrations are a chance of a lifetime.

Pope Francis visit has NYC businesses excited, nervous

Mom and pops have a mixed reaction to Pope Francis’s visit to the Big Apple.

City home to more than 7,000 sidewalk sheds

The looming sidewalk sheds cover several blocks in the city, tarnishing the city’s look.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral renovated space ready for Pope

After years of planning and work, the city’s most iconic church is ready for the public.

Colbert’s Late Show will keep NYC spirit alive

Media experts say the comedian’s reboot will include the Big Apple.

Econ experts warn against fear over stock market woes

The recent stock market dips may appear scary to people, but experts say the long-term effects aren’t problematic.

Brooklyn leads city boom of new affordable housing units

The city’s new affordable housing stock is the highest in city history, and Brooklyn gets the lion share.

Louis C.K. may have called into Brian Lehrer Show to defend de Blasio

The famous comedian may have been going to bat for the mayor.

SoHo’s mom and pop design shops fight for a future

SoHo’s once bustling artisanal shops are in danger from rising rents and the big chains.