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NYC prepares for Sandy during the calm before the storm

New York isn’t taking any chances with hurricane Sandy.

City’s colleges expand to take in new generation of top students

With more than half a million students in the city, New York colleges are looking for new space to grow.

Comptroller wants more college counselors in city schools

John Liu wants the Dept. of Ed to refocus their budget on college preparedness.

City to install more salad bars in public schools

City public school children will have better diets thanks to an expansion of salad bars in cafeterias.

City leaders applaud Albany’s cyberbullying bill

New York will be taking a stand against online bullying and elected officials say it will go a long way for the state’s kids.

Walcott calls out UFT’s case against perv teach bill

The School’s Chancellor is using several examples to show why he needs to have final say on teacher firings.

More high school students graduating on time: Mayor

The mayor is touting a high number of city high school graduates this year, but the UFT says the devil’s in the numbers.

Mayor: Schools chancellor should be able to fire ‘perv’ teachers

The mayor wants the city to be the final word on giving the axe to teachers accused of sexual abuse.

Google donates space in NY headquarters to CornellNYC Tech

The world’s largest Internet company has given some space to help the future generation of engineers.

IS 59 students fight battle over obesity

A group of Queens students took to the stage to tackle a growing problem among the nation’s youth.

Jamaica teacher charged with having affair with student

A Qns. middle school teacher has been accused of taking advantage of one of his teen students.

Cheerleading helps SE Queens girls stand tall

A new team in SE Queens aims to raise the spirits and self-confidence of young women in the area.

Avella blasts city over resources at Jamaica High

A state senator says the remainder of Jamaica High School’s student body is being unnecessarily undermined by the city.

PS 48 students celebrate new school

The days of using one room for a gym, cafeteria and auditorium are now over for one Jamaica school.

Queens needs job seekers: Biz leaders

A group dedicated to creating jobs in New York City are see better schools as the top solution to the recent economic woes.

Queens Library expands to patrons’ e-readers

The Queens Public Library has entered the 21st century with a new service for tech savvy readers.

Children find Discover-E at Queens Library Center

The Children’s Discovery Center at the Queens Public Library had a futuristic friend on hand to officially open it for fun.

Jamaica High begins phase-out

Morale among Jamaica High School students hits a new low at the start of the academic year.

Educators lose fight to save SE Queens schools

The courts are not backing the dozens of supporters of Jamaica High School who want to see the longtime institution get a new lease on life.

Increase in summer school for city kids

A new study indicates more students might need more summer school if they expect to do well in college.