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How NYC is helping train its youngest minds in STEM

The city’s making major efforts to ensure the next generation of New Yorkers are ready for the tech evolution.

Report finds the most affordable options for college grads in city

Living in New York on a budget isn’t easy, especially for young adults who just earned their college degree.

Prospective NYU student starts petition to lower rising school costs

One student took her fight against rising NYU costs to the web.

NYC public schools will now be closed for two Muslim holidays

New York public schools will now recognize Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

City College starts program to promote women in tech

A special incubator program aims to end the gender gap in the tech industry.

Appeals court approves NYU expansion plan

The fight over the future of the Village continued after the courts granted NYU permission to go ahead with its expansion.

Student loan debt crisis hits New Yorkers hard

New York may have some of the best college and graduate programs in the nation, but students who attend those schools suffer long term challenges. Experts say this problem is getting worse and will destroy the quality of life for the entire city.

Al Roker bashes mayor’s school decision on Twitter

The NBC weatherman wasn’t happy with the city’s decision to keep schools open during a major snowstorm.

City schools to implement anti-hate lessons

The city’s public school system will instruct students with a lesson on tolerance during the final months of the school year, in response to the rise in hate crimes.

Longer school day will get test

New York City will test out a longer school day to see if it can help kids learn better.

Some school bus workers axed on first day back since strike

Life may have returned to normal for more than 100,000 kids who relied on school buses, but for some drivers it was the end of the line.

School bus union furious after mayor rejects proposal

The striking school bus union said they offered a deal to end the strike, but the mayor’s office said it would have cost the city millions.

Bloomberg says state aid education cuts will cost 2,500 teachers

The mayor and teachers union’s fight over evaluations may cost students more than just cash.

Union, mayor continue to square off over school bus bids

The mayor and the union representing the school bus drivers continue to fight over contract issues while tens of thousands of students scrambled to find ways to get to class.

City school bus drivers move forward with strike plans

With no tentative deal reached between the mayor and the union representing the city’s school bus drivers, tens of thousands of kids will have to find ways to get to school.

City’s school bus union announces strike for Wed. morning

The city’s school bus drivers union said they have no choice but to strike in order to protect their members. The mayor, however, contends their actions will jeopardize thousands of kids.

School bus strike looms closer to reality, city announces contingency

The city’s Department of Education laid out its plans for a possible school bus strike.

UFT, Quinn, electeds demand apology from Bloomberg for NRA remark

The city’s teacher’s union wasn’t too pleased when the mayor compared them to the N.R.A. Bloomberg, however, isn’t backing down.

Bus strike remains in limbo as city, union weigh options

Thousands of students and their parents are left in the air as the city

Parents, teachers brace for return to school following Newtown shooting

The Big Apple’s teachers and parents say they won’t let the Connecticut massacre hamper their kids’ spirits or education.