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Marvel’s Top Boss

Joe Quesada may be the mastermind behind some of the most popular superheroes, but to him, he’s just your average geek from Queens.

Grand Theft Auto IV vs Bloomberg

Late March 2007, gamers across the world cheer as the first preview of the new Grand Theft Auto game hits the net. The video game series, where the player takes the role of a criminal, has been notorious for its use of graphic violence, sex and language.

For those reasons, New York City officials were not happy that the new game was being set in a caricature of New York.

Flushing Meadow Victim

During the winter of 2006, Flushing Meadow Corona Park was the site of several violent muggings. One of the victims, Krzysztof Majchrzak, recollected his experience.

Times Square stabbing

Security guard Eddy Juarez had an unusual day when he had to confront a deranged knife wielding man. Despite getting stabbed in the arm, Juarez shared his story from his hospital bed.

Sean Bell-The Day After

New York City’s black community was in shock following the police shooting of Sean Bell, hours before he was set to marry his high school sweetheart. Rev. Al Sharpton led a rally outside the hospital where Bell’s two friends were recuperating following the 50-shot barrage.

Trump Tee Party

Billionare Donald Trump takes part in a charity golf game against some of the sport’s best, and shows them he’s more than just a a rich guy with a nifty hairdo.