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Attorneys push NYPD to change patrol guidelines for ‘stop and frisk’

Civil liberties lawyers say the city is violating a Supreme Court decision in the way it trains NYPD officers.

More cops shot this year than last four years combined: NYPD

Elected officials are very concerned with the growing number of cops who are becoming targets of criminals.

NYers OK with NYPD’s Twitter subpoena

The NYPD did not take any chances when it came to a potential threat delivered through social media.

Cops shoot innocent bystander, dog during Brooklyn chase

A dog walker walked in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid for his mistake with an accidental bullet, police said.

NYC leaders want call for more tolerance for Sikhs

City leaders want the city to help promote tolerance for the Sikh community following the Wisconsin shooting.

Kelly teases NYPD information aggregator system

Details of a new police surveillance system are scarce, but the NYCLU is already concerned.

NYPD investigating detective’s home in Qns kidnapping case

A bizarre set of events has put a veteran cop under intense scrutiny.

Bloomberg, Tuscon victims, city mayors push for gun control

The mayor has teamed up with the victims of the 2011 shooting to call on President Obama and Mitt Romey to crack down on guns.

Former Qns. assemblyman arrested on wire fraud charge

Jimmy Meng was caught allegedly taking bribes by the FBI.

Queens park advocate, 82, swindled $50K: DA

A Flushing Meadows Corona Park advocate was caught for allegedly stealing from her group’s “cookie jar.”

Bloomberg decries NYCLU’s criticism of “stop and frisk”

The mayor compared the NYCLU to the NRA in their response to the police’s controversial tactic.

Swimmers take to pools despite reported scuffles

Mishaps at the city pools has not deterred some swimmers.

Senate kills governor’s pot decriminalization bill

Andrew Cuomo’s plans to modernize state’s drug laws failed in the legislative session, but he says he’s not done yet.

Alec Baldwin allegedly slugs photog outside marriage bureau

The “30 Rock” actor is in hot water following an alleged scuffle between him and the press.

New Yorkers OK with pot law change, split on NYPD: Poll

A new poll shows what city residents really think about the latest political events.

City bill looks to create NYPD inspector general

Two of the NYPD’s critics have come up with a plan to give it more oversight.

Councilman Williams heads to Washington to talk “stop and frisk”

A group of city leaders who aren’t too happy with the NYPD’s tactics made their case in Washington D.C.

Serial bank robber caught revisiting same branch: Cops

An alleged bank robber didn’t think twice before returning to the scene of one of his past crimes, police said.

NYCLU unveils new app to document stop and frisk

A watchdog group is taking to the mobile Internet in their fight against the NYPD’s controversial tactic.

Quinn, gay rights groups join march against NYPD

Gay rights groups are lending their voice against the growing criticism of the “stop and frisk” tactic.