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‘Shop and frisk’ solutions discussed by Sharpton, Bratton

The Rev. Al Sharpton and the new police commissioner say they are making headway in fighting racial profiling inside department stores.

Teen arrested for sneaking to the top of the World Trade Center

A New Jersey teen’s antics didn’t sit too well with the mayor and law enforcement officials.

Arsonist burns stores at two Queens shopping centers

A Queens man allegedly burned five stores during a spree in Queens.

De Blasio joins Bloomberg’s gun control coalition

Bill de Blasio is now a member of Bloomberg’s “Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns.”

Cops shoot cane-wielding suspect in Bushwick

A cop and a Bushwick man allegedly faced off with a baton and cane during a chase.

Interactive map shows city crime data

The city has made its data on crime statistics more transparent.

Queens congresswoman mugged in Washington D.C.

Rep. Grace Meng didn’t let a mugger deter her spirit while conducting her duties in Washington.

Pundits weigh in on possible return of Commissioner Bratton

Experts say the next commissioner will have to face a whole set of political challenges if they take the job.

City looking at way to curb rising number of Apple product thefts

Apple products are being stolen at an increasing rate and a new bill aims to deter thieves from making a buck of the goods.

DA won’t charge cabbie who struck tourist at Rock Center

After a two-month investigation, the Manhattan DA’s office said it won’t be arraigning the cab driver who struck a tourist who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Teen caught with dead fetus in Victoria’s Secret: Cops

Shoppers at the Herald Square Victoria’s Secret were shocked when a teen brought a dead fetus to the store.

Mayor’s investigation finds huge loopholes in online gun sales

Online gun sales pose a huge problem to public safety, according to the mayor, and he’s urging the feds to do something about it.

Mayor lashes out at frisk critics and lax gun laws over tot slay

The shooting death of a baby in Brooklyn set the stage for a political showdown between the mayor and his potential successors.

Vallone looks to bring police gun registry database online

A City Councilman wants all New Yorkers to know who was arrested for a gun offense.

Gay couple assaulted in Chelsea: Cops

Manhattan was rocked by another alleged hate crime.

Shaaliver Douse, 14, shot, killed by NYPD officers

A tense situation involving an alleged arm teen turned fatal in the Bronx when he and two rookie officers crossed paths.

Council, NYPD, DA offices, community groups team up for gun buybacks

The city’s cops, elected officials and community groups will work together to get illegal guns off the streets.

Michael Bloomberg vetoes cop oversight bills

The mayor kept to his word and vetoed bills that would give the NYPD extra scrutiny.

Criminal expert talks about mob’s 21st Century operations

The face of organized crime is getting an update, according to a crime expert.

Thousands march downtown in wake of anti-gay violence

Gay rights advocates from all over the city hit the streets of the Village in a show of solidarity against the increase in hate crimes,