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No indictment in Eric Garner’s death sparks demonstrations

For the second week in a row, thousands of angry New Yorkers took to the streets in peaceful protest against police brutality.

NYC students walk out over Michael Brown killing

A week after the grand jury declined to indict Darren Wilson, the city’s youth took to the streets to voice their anger.

NYC protesters take over FDR Drive, block access over to major city roadways

For a second day in a row, protesters shut down various parts of Manhattan in solidarity following the Michael Brown case.

New Yorkers protest Ferguson grand jury decision

New Yorkers came out in the hundreds, calling for national police reform in light of the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown death.

Corrections department lays out reform for city jails

The city’s correction’s department will rethink the way it administers solitary confinement.

Cops hunt for armed jewelry store robbers

Two men allegedly staged an armed robbery which shut down an entire Midtown block.

NYPD launches blog to connect with New Yorkers

New York’s Finest are expanding their online presence and experts say this is a key step in improving transparency.

Saks Fifth Avenue identity theft ring shut down by investigators

Investigators shut down an alleged inside scheme inside the famed boutique store.

Environmentalists flood Wall Street to call for green changes

A second day, smaller environmental protest was more aggressive than the People’s Climate March.

Letitia James unveils her cop-camera pilot proposal

The Public Advocate says body worn police cameras would be the best solution to ease tensions between officers and New Yorkers.

Bus driver, charged after Times Square crash

Times Square pedestrians were injured after two tour buses caused a major accident.

West Village residents and bystanders try to grasp deadly shootout

Although no civilians were hurt during a police shoot out left a suspect dead and three law enforcement officers injured, residents of the affected block said they were still shaken.

Brooklyn DA’s office to stop prosecuting first time pot arrests

The Brooklyn DA’s decision will have ripple effects for the city’s drug laws.

Cecily McMillan sentenced to three months in prison

A Manhattan criminal court judge didn’t enforce the maximum punishment against the Occupy Wall Street protester.

reBar owner charged with tax fraud

The owner of a defunct Brooklyn bar faced a judge for his alleged tax schemes that helped to bring the establishment to an end.

Cecily McMillan convicted in assault on NYPD officer

An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator faces up to seven years in prison after a jury convicted her for a March 2012 assault.

Former NYPD officer, arrested for alleged anti-Semitic messages in Brooklyn

A former member of New York’s finest allegedly was behind a major hate crime in Borough Park, according to investigators.

Bloomberg spearheads new group to take on gun lobby

Michael Bloomberg is throwing a $50 million counter against the NRA to increase the call for gun control in the U.S.

NYPD disbands controversial Muslim investigation unit

The new administration at the NYPD reversed course on its undercover unit that upset several religious and civil liberties groups.

Gillibrand wants better enforcement of sex-assault laws at colleges

The New York senator said too many women are not only victimized on campus but also their schools fail to provide the necessary support.