Brother of NFL player shot

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Police say Calvin Ogletree was shot in the head outside his business on Linden Boulevard Friday. Photo by Christina Santucci

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By Ivan Pereira

January 12, 2012

The brother of an NFL player was shot outside his new business in St. Albans Friday, and as police tried to track down clues the football star was pleading with the public to help bring justice to his sibling.

Calvin Ogletree, 25, was listed in very critical condition at Jamaica Hospital after he was shot in the head by a group of suspects who were still on the loose as of press time Tuesday evening.

Ogletree, the older brother of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Holy Cross alumnus Kevin Ogletree, was outside his car sales office at 200th Street and Linden Boulevard around 3 p.m. when he was shot, police and eyewitnesses said.

“I didn’t hear anything until the cop cars came,” said Adelia Cabrera, who co-owns a salon next door to Calli Exotic Car Rental.

Kevin Ogletree, 24, expressed his concern for his brother on Twitter and asked others to send their support to his family immediately following the shooting.

“Pray everyone please,” he tweeted.

Ogletree held a vigil next to his brother’s bedside during the weekend, according to a source.

Calvin Ogletree opened up his car rental business with another man over the summer, according to the owners of the nearby shops. Cabrera said she did not think Ogletree had any enemies or was involved in anything suspicious since he started his business.

“He was nice to me and always friendly with the people on the block,” she said.

A source close to the investigation said the shooting might have erupted from a dispute between Ogletree and one of his customers earlier in the day. A customer allegedly had a problem with the owner, left the office and returned later in the afternoon armed with a gun, according to the source.

“He supposedly shot him in the head and fled,” the source said.

The source added that investigators did have a suspect they were searching for, but would not provide more details.

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