Bloomberg not sweet on cupcake shop’s 25-pound treat ‘The Mayor’

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By Ivan Pereira

A new cupcake shop thought it would be funny to create a 25-pound treat with the mayor’s face, but the health conscious Michael Bloomberg said the gesture was anything but sweet.

On Thursday, Food Network personalities Ron and Ruthie Bzdewka will open House of Cupcakes in Chelsea with a mega-sized cupcake called “The Mayor.”

When asked for his reaction to being “honored” with a sugar-free, 35,800-calorie treat, which will feature the mayor’s picture, Bloomberg rolled his eyes.

“This is one of the dumbest things people have done,” he said at an unrelated news conference Tuesday.

Bloomberg, a staunch leader in fight against obesity, called out the cake shop for poking fun at his nutritional initiatives such as the plan to ban large sugary sodas. He reminded reporters that obesity is becoming a major epidemic. “There is nothing funny about making a joke about people dying,” he said.

A spokesman for House of Cupcakes said the store’s owners wanted to have a little fun with Bloomberg in light of his campaigns against fatty food and mean no ill intent.

“As New Yorkers know, everything is bigger and flashier in New York City,” the spokesman said.

The cake shop plans to send some free cupcakes to City Hall Thursday as a show of respect and offer free cupcakes to its first 1,000 customers.

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