60,000 sign petition against soda ban

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By Ivan Pereira

A group aiming to fizzle out the mayor’s plans to ban sugary drinks now has thousands rallying to their cause.

NYC Beverage Choices, a coalition of businesses and restaurants who are rallying against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed removal of sodas greater than 16 ounces, announced Monday that 60,000 people have signed a petition against the proposal.

The coalition, which is funded by the soda companies, will present the petitions to the Department of Health next week during a public hearing on the soda ban.

The mayor’s office said it would continue to push its agenda in order to keep New Yorkers healthy.

“Obesity is killing 5,800 New Yorkers a year and the Board of Health will make a decision based on science, not political organizing,” Samantha Levine, a spokeswoman for the mayor said in a statement.

NYC Beverage choices has been hitting the streets with a strong campaign against the soda ban, which would go into effect next March.

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