Bill de Blasio taking a second look at big-soda ban

The battle against big soda may get a reboot under the de Blasio administration.

NYPD launches blog to connect with New Yorkers

New York’s Finest are expanding their online presence and experts say this is a key step in improving transparency.

QueensWay park details revealed

The curtain has been lifted on the long awaited green project for Queens, but not everyone is thrilled about the proposal.

Appeals court approves NYU expansion plan

The fight over the future of the Village continued after the courts granted NYU permission to go ahead with its expansion.

De Blasio stands by wife’s aide despite new allegations

The mayor said Rachel Noerdlinger is still a valued member of his team despite the growing number of allegations against she and her boyfriend.

NYC cellphone taxes among the highest in the nation: Report

Owning a New York area code is costly, according to a new report.

Clooney makes first post wedding appearance at Comic Con

The star surprised the guest at the annual New York show.

Public Advocate releases worst landlord list, revamps database

The worst landlord database got a whole more user friendly.

City based web domain launches publicly

New York became one of the first cities in the nation to have it’s own domain for webmasters.

New York Comic Con’s buzz soars to new heights

The annual geek fest has turned into a major economic boon for the city.

Saks Fifth Avenue identity theft ring shut down by investigators

Investigators shut down an alleged inside scheme inside the famed boutique store.

Twin Peaks returns with new season on Showtime in 2016

The cult TV show is making a return, according to a cryptic tease by its creator.

NYC orders advertising firm’s beacons be removed from pay phones

The city has backed down on its approval for a group to test out ping services on Manhattan payphones.

Ivan Pereira on “The Debrief with David Ushery” Oct. 5, 2014

Ivan Pereira appeared on the WNBC 4 news show to discuss his article on the rise in billionaires in New York City.

NYC celebrity homes on the market

Mayor Bill de Blasio just joined a huge list of well known New Yorkers who also serve as landlords.

New York City’s population growth exceeds the suburbs: Report

People are skipping the green pastures of Westchester, Long Island and other suburbs for the trendy new spots in the city, according to Rutgers University.

New York City is home to the most billionaires in the U.S.: Forbes

The top 1% are calling the Big Apple home.

NYC subway threat reports fail to faze straphangers

The latest reports of an alleged threat against the city’s subways wasn’t scary enough for most straphangers.

Environmentalists flood Wall Street to call for green changes

A second day, smaller environmental protest was more aggressive than the People’s Climate March.

People’s Climate March call for global action

Celebrities, world leaders and regular folks packed Manhattan to send a green message to the world.