Uber marks 5 years in NYC

The ride sharing app has its fans and critics alike, but most New Yorkers agree that it has a major presence in the city.

Serbian Orthodox church in Flatiron gutted by 4-alarm fire

A beloved historic church went up in flames on the Serbian Orthodox Easter.

Five Boro Bike tour Blue Card team gives back to Holocaust survivors

A group of volunteers are hitting the streets on their bikes to help nearly 2,000 survivors living in New York.

Council to vote on perishable bag fee

The controversial bill aimed at reducing waste will go for a full vote.

Parks department shares data about trees in NYC

The city shared some interesting factoids about its five million trees.

City’s air quality sees improvments

Green upgrades and new tech solutions have resulted in fresher air for New Yorkers.

NYC job market creates higher risk but higher rewards for Millennials

Millennials face a tough challenge in the city’s job market, but if they gut it out, their rewards are big, according to reports.

NYC recycling: Reuse programs aim to cut down New York waste

There are plenty of ways New Yorkers can reuse their goods and cut down on waste. They just don’t know about it.

Tito Puente East Harlem memorial plan moves forward

Plans to immortalize the East Harlem jazz legend in his home neighborhood are coming together.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to become NYC tourism ambassadors

The radical crime fighting brothers will help draw more tourists to the city.

Stringer aims to audit NYC BOE

The city’s comptroller will take a long, hard look at the New York Primary after a series of complaints from voters.

LIC Pepsi sign designated as NYC landmark

The iconic piece of Western Queens’s skyline is now an official landmark.

Digital music leads sales for first time ever: Report

More people turn to the Internet for their music than ever, according to a report.

NYC’s gender wage gap is 9%: Report

Although the city’s gap is smaller compared to the rest of the country, experts say it can do better.

Riders Alliance call for reduced MetroCard for low-income New Yorkers

Transit groups say the poorest New Yorkers should get assistance for commutes.

Alamo Drafthouse to open on Gold Street this summer

The famous Texas based movie chain is making its Big Apple debut.

Ta-Nehisi Coates leads “Black Panther” comic for new readers

The first black superhero in a major American comic book series is coming back with a story relevant for the times.

Mets, Yankees opening days will make over $17 M for NYC

Opening Day rakes in big bucks for New York City.

Yankee Stadium expands food, apparel options for 2016

The Yankees have some interesting amenities for this season.

Citi Field shows off new stadium amenities for 2016 season

Mets fans will have a lot to check out in between innings at Citi Field.